My week in pictures #1


My very first weeklog , the entire week I have been photographing what I have been up to and here we go. This is from last week , so the pictures start from the 27th of March , till the 2nd of April. Monday to Sunday.


This week I had a week of from my internship. I started my monday with watching video’s on youtube. This video is from Vera Camilla , a dutch beautyblogger who is also a youtuber.


It was a nice and sunny day on both monday and tuesday , which meant relaxing in the sun for both of my cats. This is a picture of Karel watching the cats from the people downstairs walk in their garden. (I don’t smoke , the ash tray is my mom’s)


Wednesday morning I decided to go to the Beauty and the Beast which I loved. It was the very first day in the cinema’s and I just had to get this picture for my Instagram. If you want to follow me , my account on there is @irisxelizabeth.


In the afternoon I went to the stable for my volunteer work and my riding lesson. During the volunteer work we saw the newborn Scottish Highlander in the park. The cub was just two days old , so cute.


My parents went to Texel the entire last week and on thursday I went to join them. After a three hour journey I finally came onto Texel. We had a lunch and then did a carriage ride. I did a bit of the driving and it was a great time.


On thursday night it was time for a bath. So I dove right in with this bath bomb.


Friday was the day we were leaving , but before stepping on the boat we had to go and cuddle the lambs. They were so cute :3

For the rest of the weekend I just did some schoolwork and watched the first three Twilight movies. Still can’t decide if I like Robert or Jacob better.                                              Have a great week and see you next monday

xo Iris Elizabeth                                                                                                                                     Twitter: @IrisxTia                                                                                                                                   Instagram: @IrisxElizabeth                                                                                                                 Snapchat: irisxelizabethh


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