A big welcome to

Hello hello ,

Today I want to introduce you to two special members of this blog. My two cats; Amy and Karel.


Amy and Karel are both burmese cats. They are not actual brother and sister , but they do act like it. On March 9th in 2009 Amy was born , which makes her 8 years old this day. Amy came to our house as a very active cat that loves a cuddle. Today the active parts of her day are not as big as when she was a kitten , but she likes to grab a toy and bring it to me or whoever is available to bring it to. Also she likes to chase her little brother and sometimes they even have these tiny playfights. The leftover of her day Amy mostly sleeps on or under a warm blanket and she still comes to cuddle when she wants to.


Then we have Karel. Karel is a very dutch name , but it fits him perfectly. Karel was born on March 15th in 2014, this makes him three years old. Karel is a funny cat who likes to try to do everything that he isn’t alowed to do, but than he looks at you with his look like ‘nope, it definitely wasn’t me’ and it can make you laugh a lot. To be honest it can be annoying at times, but well. Karel’s favorite toy is a big monkey that is actually meant to be for dogs. It’s so adorable to see him come up the stairs with his big monkey. The rest of the day he comes up to cuddle and have your attention. He also loves to cuddle with his big sister Amy.


This was my introduction , I hoped you liked it and from time to time you’ll see them passing by on my blog.

Much love

xxx Iris Elizabeth


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